Frequently asked Question

Where are your servers located?

All of our servers are located in a state of the art, secured datacenter in Phoenix, AZ.

What exactly does X-RayHosting offer?

X-RayHosting offers a one stop shop for any person, blog, or company. From basic domain purchases and web hosting, to full design and development everything is available on one website, for a convenient price.

Is design work outsourced?

No! X-RayHosting has a full design and development team that completes all work in house!

Who founded X-RayHosting?

X-RayHosting was founded by Harrison Valner in December 2011. After a short hiatus, X-RayHosting has relaunched on May 15, 2016!

Can I buy only a design package?

Of course! You are not required to have any other plan or package with us to buy any of our services.

Will you offer Minecraft hosting or other game hosting?

Yes, we are planning on offering more services in the near future. If you want to get going on a game service sooner please send us a message and we would be more than happy to set you up with a VPS!